ASAC A Digital Asset Management for Global Payments


ASAC, using smart contracts based on Ethereum's platform, provides fast and secure transactions for both shared and group payments. By introducing Token-ASAC , such transactions will be done in low-cost and high-speed

Total Supply
2,019,041,314 Worth of ASAC COIN tokens
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the first cryptocurrency without block chain fluctuations
tradable through the official website to the company or other distributions networks
No transaction fees. Sellers enjoy 100% earnings
ASAC platform has open the door to new business and partnership
Instant operations without any centralized system


Any Platform
Access Android phone, tablet or as online app from computer remotely and Securely
All data stored on user devices due to end-to-end algorithm.
Online Dashboard
The right information always at your hand
Strong Encryption
Sign in with MFA, fingerprint or Face ID to access your personal wallet
Certified Team
We have super-pro team with certified experts and crypto guru
Support System
We have 5-stars rated online support system working 24 hours 7 day in a week.

Road Map

Our Strategy and Project Plan
25 July 2019

AsacCoin Private sell

18 Dec 2019

AsacCoin Public sell

5 Jan 2020

The end of the initial release period or at any time

20 Feb 2020

ASAC is available in all of the original wallets of Ethereum

20 Sep 2020

AsacCoin official wallet launch

Feb 2021

Asac Coin Mainnet Swap

Start Point

How To Buy ASAC Coin

ASAC Coin Press Revieiws From All Around The World
Start 15 April, 2019
Hard cap : $10M
Soft cap : $50M
Token : ASAC
Exchange rate : 1ETH = - ASAC

The following address is for the ASAC Coin contract. It is NOT a deposit address. To deposit, use the Deposit form in the your dashboard area.

ASAC Token Contract Address:

Payment Methods :
Percent Amount Allottee
50% 1.009.520.657 ICO
30% 605.712.394 Founders
15% 302.856.197 Investors/Sponsors
5% 100.952.066 Advertising, R & D, Donation, Private Sale, ...

When using any of the ASAC Coin Co. Ltd. services you are agreeing to the following conditions in full. ASAC Coin is a not backed or value guaranteed by any financial institution; when purchasing ASAC Coins the customer assumes all risk the ASAC Coins may become worthless in value. Customers should research and consider the risks before purchasing any ASAC Coins. The company makes absolutely no guarantee about the future value of the ASAC Coins purchased. The customer must send any ASAC Coin payments to the company from an address owned by the customer.

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